Argan Oil The Miracle Wonder


Argan Oil for Teenagers

Have you heard the latest in skin and hair care? Argan oil. The one-stop oil that can give you the condition you want? Who wants it? We do. There’s no rhyme or reason in asking why we would want it- is there because we all want to feel and look our best. Granted this isn’t always achievable but today with the help of Pure Moroccan Argan oil for many of us this just might be the answer.


My fourteen year old niece is at the acne breakout stage. Spots and pimples are the bane of this kid’s life and she despaired of ever finding a cure. Not only does she have red hair and fair skin which burns in the sun, she has very sensitive skin. I decided I’d have to help her because many of the remedies she was trying were just too harsh on her sensitive skin. But she found Argan Oil was the answer.

Pure Argan Oil

Eventually after trawling the internet many times I came across a website that told me everything I needed to know about Argan oil which is produced and exported from Morocco. This hasn’t always been the case mind you; the oil is rare because it is hard to produce. Like any wonderful production of Mother Nature it takes time to produce Argan oil. More on where to source and buy Argan oil later.

The Argan Oil Story

Extracted from the nut of the Argania Spinosa tree, the oil is cold-pressed. The best oil has no odour as it can be used as a carrier oil by beauticians who want to add a scent of choice. However, when used on sensitive skin Pure Argan oil has few rivals as it is 100% additive free. The only ingredient is the oil itself which has excellent anti-oxidant properties. This I am sure is why it works so well for teenagers with sensitive skin. Party girls when removing make-up and older gals like me who want to look radiant and banish those fine lines and wrinkles find that Argan oil is the answer.

After Sun

Following exposure to the sun Argan oil can be used to eliminate sun burn and redness as it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Apply before bedtime and awake the next day to soft, golden, well moisturised skin.

Banish those scars from insect bites that many of us suffer from during the summer months by applying as and when required. Argan oil really does take the itchy element out of a bite. I should know – midges and mosquitos love me.

Happy Ever After

In the end who could ask for anything more. Pure Argan oil I am sure will be a staple ingredient in all of our daily preparations to be the best we can be.

Oh! and furthermore try using Argan oil on your hair as a serum a few drops will eliminate our frizzy ends and fix the exposure your hair has suffered from hot hair dryers.